Sunday, October 03, 2010

How I lost 8 lbs in one day, or, The Diet from Hell

On Facebook I mentioned that I was excited for Conference weekend because I love watching church in my jammies.  Little did I know how prophetic a statement that was going to be. 

You  see, I didn't end up with the "yay, I am watching church in my jammies" kind of day.  It was more of a "I wish I were dead because I would feel better" kind of jammie day.

Yes, I was in my jammies but I wasn't watching conference.  I was worshiping at the porcelain throne.  Not only was I worshiping, I was ultra religious.  I didn't just kneel.  I sat at the throne with a bowl on my lap and I was like clock work.  Every 1-2 hours I had a religious moment again.

I caught a few snippets of conference on the radio but mostly I was in an out of my religious zen or on my bed wishing I was dead.  By late evening the only thing I wanted was a cherry Popsicle and some jello. 

Cherry Popsicles remind me of when I was young.  That was something mom would give me when I was sick.  It would help bring down fevers and was easy on your tummy.  Maybe that is why I was craving it.  A little mommy vibe.

Today I am a little more resembling human life form.  I actually had the where with all to get in a tub and lay there like a slug.  So today I am going to try this whole conference thing again.

I am skipping the jammies!

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  1. I'm so sorry you were sick!!! Especially this fine weekend!!
    I hope you are feeling much much better!


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