Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BESTeam Feature: BabaMoon and MoonAngelNay

This week I get to tell you about two Etsy shops run by one very talented lady. Meet Naomi.  She lives just a hop skip and a jump over the pond in the United Kingdom.  Naomi is a photographer and a knitter, hence the reason she has two shops, the two talents are so different.

MoonAngelNay is the photography shop.  I am going to give you a peek at some nice things then focus on the BabaMoon shop because the babies modeling the knitted items are so yummy!


Angels Glow Scrabble Glass Tile Pendant, $10.00

Who would think of going to a photography shop for a piece of jewelry.  Well, think again.  You can get pieces of her artwork as jewelry.  Simply beautiful.

Iced Swan, 8 x 8" square Fine Art Photo, $30.00
You can find art at Moonangelnay to fit any budget.  From this beautiful swan at $30 to being able to pick any piece sized to 32 x 48 for $340.
Choose any print, 32 x 48", $340.

Now on to the yummy babies I told you about at BabaMoon.

BabaMoon Baby Knits is filled with fun squishy items, all original designs of Naomi's, that are beautifully photographed (remember she is a photographer) on fun squishy babies.

Ok, hold on to your seats because you may just experience an over supply of cuteness!

Pumpkin Hat, 6-12 mo, $35

Just in time for Halloween and Autumn.  A Pumpkin hat to put on your little punkin'!

Flopsy Bunny Hat, 3-6 mo, $18.00

OH MY GOSH I just want to kiss those cheeks!!

Big Flower Headband, 6-12 mo, $14.00

I don't remember babies being so stylish when my girls were little.  I know, theirs was a hard and deprived childhood.

Flower Headband in Punk Pink, 0-3 mo, $14.00

Punk Pink, for the little rocker to be.

Cocoon Swaddler Green Pea Pod, Newborn, $42.00

 Wouldn't you just love to carry your little pea around in a pod!

Flower Hat, 3-6 mo, $24.00

How cute is that!

 Naomi will make all of these items in a range of sizes from 0-3 mo to 3T.  You just need to contact her and let her know what size you want.  Hmmmmm, I wonder if she will make the bunny ears in adult size . . . . . .

You can find Naomi at her two Etsy shops listed above and also here:

Blog: http://moonangelnay.blogspot.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/moonangelnay

 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MoonangelnayPhotographyOnEtsy
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonangelnay/

Whew, cuteness galore.  Did you fall off your seat?  I warned you. 


  1. You did such a terrific job on this feature! I love your comments and I agree that those babies are delectable! Great items in the shops.
    Really wonderful job.

  2. That bunny hat is adorable!


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