Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Thankful" Thursday Thirteen

Welcome back to my month of Thankful Thursday Thirteen. If you are interested in my previous Thankful Thursday Thirteen lists, because they really are worth experiencing, you can go here and here.

And because today is the ACTUAL Thankful Thursday, I will give you not one, but two lists. That's right! Two lists for the price of one!

Where else would you get this kind of thankfulness value!

So, on with the lists!

  1. nice people (mean people, not so much)
  2. teachers
  3. neighbors with tools
  4. neighbors with tools who are willing to share
  5. scrapbook stores
  6. scrapbook supplies
  7. my scrapbooking buddies
  8. paper products
  9. Bryers Reeses Peanut Butter Cup icecream
  10. comedians with family friendly humor
  11. Veggie Tales (ya gotta love Larry Boy!)
  12. colors
  13. rainbows
and list two:

  1. teeth
  2. dentists
  3. Novocain
  4. q-tips (water in my ears just drives me batty!!)
  5. ears
  6. water
  7. bats, no wait, not bats, um - deodorant
  8. ibuprofen
  9. anti-depressant drugs (yes, the Goddess is a highly functioning medicated individual and will chat with anyone about it who is interested enough to ask)
  10. brooms
  11. vacuums
  12. spell check (I actually spelled vacuum right)
  13. eyes
now my wish for you - "Have a very happy Thanksgiving day (those non US folks can just have a fabulous Thursday)." I am off to make pie!


  1. Love that you did 2 lists!
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Happy TT (x2)

  2. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

    I am thankful for spell-check too - and now I don't have to worry any longer when I leave comments, because Firefox has it build in :).

  3. loved your lists. mine is also things i'm thankful for. enjoy your pie (and the rest of the meal)!

  4. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Great list. I'm thankful for more and more people like us that make it known that we take drugs like antidepressants for a reason...and that there's no shame in getting help for a medical problem.

    Thanks for visiting my TT. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Enjoy your pie =)

    .•:*¨¨*:•Happy Thanksgiving•:*¨¨*:•.

    from Germany,


  6. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Yes, thank goodness for Q-tips and neighbours who lend tools!!

    Fun fun list.

    Mine is mostly photos of my boyfriends, best freinds band.

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!


    my TT list #16...

  7. I love Veggie Tales!

  8. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Great lists! All wonderful things to be thankful for. :)

    Although I celebrated Thanksgiving last month (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October) I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  9. Two lists!! Impressive:) Happy TT.. gobble gobble

  10. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Two lists? Cool.

    Your's is by far the best value in Thursday Thirteens I've seen all day.

    I dig me some paper products as well. I'm on anti-depressants too, but I won't joke about that.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Bryers Reeses Peanut Butter Cup ice cream yummy!

    Vacuums are good but I'm even more thankful when my husband runs the vacuum!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I love this blog! Nice TT and I'm now off to dig out placemats to try your bag...

  13. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Fun list! :D

    have a great Thanksgiving celebration :)

  14. "bats, no wait, not bats, um - deodorant"...that made me laugh SO hard!!!

  15. Two lists - what a bargain! I especially liked the "neighbors with tools who are willing to share". Hope your Thanksgiving dinner was yummy, and your weekend is great! I'm headed to the kitchen for a piece of pumpkin pie...

  16. I hear you on the Q-tips.

    Have you ever tried the ear candles?

  17. I LOVED that you posted both lists. I think I identified more with your second. I NEED to make a dental appt., so thankful for Novacain... ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Anonymous11:15 AM

    If you like comedians with family-friendly humor, check out Brian Regan. Just a really funny guy that you can listen to in front of your kids or parents.

  19. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I like this idea! I may have to come up with my own thankful lists. I am also a fan of scrapbooking. I just ordered almost 700 pictures after our trip to Disneyworld. I MAY have a slight problem! Of course, finding the time to actually scrapbook does present a problem! Great post!


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