Monday, November 13, 2006

Would You Pass 7th Grade Biology?

As I was driving my daughter home from school today she quizzed me from some flash cards she had made in Biology class.

My deduction was that I would flunk 7th grade. I know it has been a while since I have been in 7th grade, but I don't even remember studying some of the things she was quizzing me on.

I consider myself an intelligent person but this is kind of damaging to my psyche. Are all the 7th graders running around smarter than me?

I am going to give you the mini quiz she gave me. See how you do. I guess I am either trying to validate that it isn't just me (misery loves company) or that I really need to go back to school.

1. What are Heterotrophs?
2. What is Light Reaction?
3. What is Dark Reaction?
4. What are Autotrophs?
5. What is the formula for Density?
6. Explain Photosynthisis:
7. What is Stage 1 in the Respiration Process?
8. What is Stage 2 in the Respiration Process?
9. What is Mitochondria?
10. What is Respiration?

Answers are in my comments. Good luck!


  1. 1. things that can't make their own food. Like Humans.
    2. Plants absorb light, make chlorophyll, make energy.
    3. light energy is used to convert water and carbon dioxide into sugar.
    4. things that make their own food, like plants.
    5. Mass/Volume
    6. when plants take in sun to make energy, sugar.
    7. Glucose breaks down (cytoplasm). Glucose = sugar.
    8. Small molecules + O2 produce CO2 & H20; Releases energy.
    9. It is the powerhouse in the cell where we get our energy and where respiration happens.
    10. When the cells break down sugar for energy.

    How did you do?

  2. Anonymous7:40 AM

    So, can you be my MIL? Because I like you better.

  3. I feel like that every time I help my 6th grader study!! Did we really have to know that back then?? Her math is stuff I did in college!!!

  4. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I fail. Back to sixth grade with my big butt.

  5. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I'm having a hard time passing my daughter's third grade class! I actually know #6- #10 because I'm a nurse otherwise I'm pretty dumb.

  6. Bio in 7th grade? Gheesh! I didn't take Bio til 10th grade, and I have no clue on some of those!

  7. Ha, I totally know all of that stuff. And you call me the dumb blonde.

  8. I would fail. I'm glad Clinton has never needed help with his homework. I may be in trouble with kayden though.

  9. never did biology -- back in my days, we could choose 2 out of 3 between physics, chemistry and biology. I chose physics and chemistry. i fail but i do know no. 6 and 10 though.

  10. I don't remember much from 7th grade. I didn't know a lot of the answers. I only knew about:
    6. when plants take in sun to make energy, sugar.Possibly 5...pretty sure most of it wasn't in 7th grade and I like Bilogy, sheesh.

  11. Anonymous8:22 AM

    1. What are Heterotrophs? Those people who like sex with both men and women.
    2. What is Light Reaction? My mood when I see the sink full of dishes.
    3. What is Dark Reaction? My mood when I see the sink full of cold foamy water/dishes/assorted floating foods and I have to reach in and pull the drain. Oh, and the dishwasher is sitting EMPTY.
    4. What are Autotrophs? Those who have sex in cars.
    5. What is the formula for Density? Ask my mother, they applied it in my case and this is why I am the way I am.
    6. Explain Photosynthesis: When you take photos with your digital camera and then print them out with your printer. You have created photos.
    7. What is Stage 1 in the Respiration Process? Breathe in.
    8. What is Stage 2 in the Respiration Process? Breathe out.
    9. What is Mitochondria? It is when dust mites think that they are allergic to themselves.
    10. What is Respiration? What happens when I forget my deodorant. Did I pass?

  12. no, but you win for the most 'real to life, ROFL' answers!

  13. I have no idea! It's a good thing I didn't decided to go into medicine! Yikes!

  14. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Ok, I got 6,9 and 10 right. I fail. I feel dumb now:D

  15. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Ack!! I failed miserably.

  16. I only got ONE right (#6)... I thought 7,8, and 10 had something to do with breathing and that #9 was something like an amoeba... I think I remember drawing one, though! Oh, well... just as well I was an English major, not Biology! And we didn't take Biology til 10th grade either.


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