Friday, November 10, 2006

Is your child as safe as you think they are?

My kids are teenagers and therefore we don't belt them into car seats. Although sometimes they act like 3 year olds.

I was over at Plain Jane Mom's and she mentioned this video. It is a very powerful video and I have enough friends and family with young children that I felt the need to share it.

If you know someone with young children, please take the time to share this with them.


  1. Holy crap. I have folks I NEED to share this with. My son isn't allowed to ride with his best friend's mom because she doesn't even put her own kids in seatbelts.

    I'm going to make sure our seats are anchored in and see how the belts are working, too.

    Darn, I'm only half way through the video and am VERY choked up watching this one.

  2. Hey, P.S. The five point harness will not work if not anchored in to the car's frame. If the seat belt is faulty, and the seat isn't built strong enough to withstand impact, it won't hold the seat and child in, anyway.

    I love this video, but I would also stress: ANCHOR THE SEATS IN TO THE CAR FRAME.

    Gosh, I had to watch this one a second time. Thank you so much for posting this.

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    IN the UK everyone has to wear a seatbelt what ever age. the law has just changed so that all children under 10 (or a certain height) have to sit on a booster seat or in a car seat. All adults have to wear a belt in the front and back seats!

  4. Oh wow! I just sent this to my niece - she has 3 little ones! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. I am not going to watch it, just because I can't take things like kids getting hurt. It makes me crazy when people don't buckle their kids in.

    The Bear has always rode in a car seat/booster, so he never complains about it.

    A little 3 year old boy died this weekend, here in AZ, because he was sitting on his dad's lap in the back seat. No one else in the car was even hurt much. I hate stupid people!

  6. I thought that video was going to be about putting kids into carseats - I NEVER EVER IMAGINED that a seatbelt would become unlatched. That is quite unnerving!!! My 3 yr old daughter is still in her 5pt one - but my 5-1/2 yr old is in a booster. I will have to rethink that.

    Recently, Oregon just passed the law that ALL children have to be in boosters until they are 4'9" - which blows my mind. I have a friend who is super short. Her daughter will probably be 4'9" at 16 years of age. I think there has to be an age limit.

  7. Hi, I was looking for your email and figured I would just comment on your last post. Check out who won the notepad at my site!!!! Jennifer

  8. Beth P.12:14 PM

    I hate this video. Parents are already so filled with guilt with their kids' shortcomings, why pass on more guilt to them? Please note, I am NOT talking about parents who don't even buckle their kids (or themselves) at all. I am talking about those who DO try the best we can to be safe and keep our kids safe. We've already got our kids buckled and the younger ones in booster seats (or car seats, if they are under 4 or 5. Now we have to go out and buy a brand new car so we can have the latest safety harnesses that now come with new cars? What's to say they won't fail once in while too? Are we suppose to put our 11 year olds back into a booster seat because they are 99 pounds instead of 100? My 5 year old already wants to skip his booster seat and just use a seat belt like his older siblings. And now we're going to have teenagers back in booster seats because they don't weigh 100 pounds? Give me a break. This kind of stuff just stresses out already stressed parents who feel like it's their fault when their child gets hurt. This family in the video had 2 kids buckled identically in the same booster seat. One walked away and one didn't. I don't know what else you can chalk that up to but fate, God's will, or just a shitty unfair life. We can't do EVERYTHING to protect our have to draw the line somewhere and have some balance or you become neurotic! If you only have one child and you are the dictator in the family, then I suppose a 10 year old might sit in a booster seat, but if there are older siblings or you try to treat you child like a person, a 5 point harness is not going to happen. My advice is DON"T pass this video on to others. DO Buckle up yourself and everyone in your car. DO use every safety measure your car comes with. DO use a booster seat as long as you can with your kids, but we have to be realistic also.

  9. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Ooops, I missed this when I visited yesterday. I don't want you to think I stole it from you and didn't give you credit. I heard about it from the MJ Morning Show today. I'm glad it's getting around. It's an important message.

  10. That video certainly leaves me with something to think about. My kids are in booster seats/car seats... what seems to be appropriate for them - but watching that 6-year-old 'dummy' with a lap belt... my gosh. We have done that once or twice, but after seeing that, I don't think we will ever let that happen again.

    Anyway... I'm just another Blogging Chick who wanted to say 'hi' -- oh, and I live in Utah too!


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