Friday, November 10, 2006

An open letter:

Dear owner of the vehicle parked in the carpool drop off lane,

I have noticed several times, while dropping my children off at school, that your vehicle has left the parking lot and made it's way to the carpool drop off lane.

I wanted to bring this to your attention as I would be a little concerned if my vehicle wandered off on its own. Because I can't imagine that you would actually park your car in the drop off lane. Your vehicle may be having separation anxiety as you have left it on it's own while running into the school to conduct whatever business you had to attend to.

Perhaps you ought to have a talk with your vehicle about the fact that the carpool lane is for picking up and dropping off students and not parked cars. It may be interested to learn that while it is only longing to be closer to you, it is in fact causing problems for those of us who are trying to drop our children off. It is blocking the flow of traffic and causing our vehicles to pull into the driving lane, blocking the flow even more.

Furthering the problem, I have noticed that several times your vehicle has brought along a vehicle buddy, causing that vehicle to think it is alright to park there too. This is making the drop off lane even shorter and causing even more of a traffic backup.

Perhaps you should think of leaving the radio on in your vehicle to keep it company or get it a puppy to love in your absence. Just remember to crack the window.

Thank you for taking the time to deal with this issue and making the carpool experience run smoother for everyone. Your vehicle included.


  1. Grrr, people who do that drive me nuts.

  2. I KNOW LONELY CARS LIKE THIS ONE! I may have to copy and print your note out, several times, to put on a few of these cars. ;)

  3. Same problem at our school!! Great letter, maybe you should print a few and start leaving them on the windshield! Then maybe, just maybe, they will get it!

  4. I just read the comment above mine. Sorry- sometimes I tend to act retarded. :)

  5. Ohhhhh yea! I remember THOSE days! Geeeez... idiots!

  6. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Hysterical letter! We have the same problem at our school. How hard is it to park 10 feet farther away?


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