Friday, November 03, 2006

The Enabler to my Love Affair

As you may remember, I confessed earlier to having something on the side. Yes, my love affair with the internet.
Today I feel a need to talk about my enabler to that love affair.
It is my web browser, Firefox. Not just Firefox, but the new version 2.0. I love the whole tab functionality thing that Firefox offers. It allows me to open whole folders at a time, link to new websites and get a new tab up so both sites are open – I don’t lose one for the other. No making choices as to which site is better. I can have them all.
And now, oh- - be still my beating heart, automatic spell check. What more could a girl ask for. When I type in my blog, when I leave comments in someone else’s blog, it automatically does a spell check for me. This is great for those words you look at and they start looking wierd, weerd, weird, so you think you may have misspelled it, but you aren’t sure. (i before e except after what?) A girl does want to look good now doesn't she.
All this is wrapped up in a hot foxy little browser that I can spend my day with flitting around the internet. I long ago gave up that other "e" program and haven’t looked back since.


  1. You might want to have a side affair with Flock.. It is based on firefox and is made for integration with flickr and blogging. I am currently in love with it.

  2. Don't you just love the new version. Now I don't have to prewrite my posts anymore :). It totally rocks...Did you know that IE7 has also not tabbed browsing? I still love my Firefox browser though -- been using that for the past 2 years and will not switch back...

    Thank you for your participation in the Chick's carnival this weekend..

  3. I just wanted to propose you another lover (whom I took, not to share, you can have the twin brother) that's IE 7 and it has tabbed browsing and a lot of other things. I uploaded it yesterday and it's just great. All blogs look beautiful mine included (with the old thing my sidebars were always hanging down) but now I have to discover all the possibilities. I have both of them, Firefox (which I don't like) for uploading pictures (it's Bloggers Darling) and IE 7 for the rest. Why don't you take two lovers ??

  4. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I'm also having a love affair with Firefox. I divorced IE a long time ago!

  5. Firefox 2 is especially great -- I agree with you!

  6. Oops - I meant "IE7 now has tabbed browsing" - but really is not that cool as Firefox. I know a lot of people use IE, but it has to much build in Spyware...Not good...

  7. Me, too! I love FireFox. I hardly ever have any spyware of adware on my computer when I scan it. If I have to use IE, like some places require, I wind up with all things nasty.

    Here from the BC Carnival.

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  8. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I have firefox. I better figure out how to use it

  9. I was here Sunday, but blogger wouldn't let me comment. I came back to say that I thought this was hysterical! And, yes, Firefox enables me too.

  10. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I love Firefox as well! I've been a happy Firefox user for a year and a half now, and Firefox 2 is a good thing gotten even better.

  11. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Love, love, LOVE Firefox! Have you checked out any of the extensions and add-ons? They've got some great ones.


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