Bucket List

1Visit the pyramids in Egypt
2Do a photo safari in Africa
3Graduate from college
4Learn Italian
5Visit Italy
6Teach a college class
7Write a book
8Get a book published
9Serve a mission with my husband
10Clear my home of clutter
11Learn Archery
12Swim with dolphins
13Watch sea turtles hatching and taking to sea
14Speak in front of 1000 or more people
15Get featured in media for something I am proud of
16Knit a sweater
17Face my biggest fear - fire
18Fly first class
19Visit the Louvre
20Ride an elephant
21Feed penguins
22Go wine (grape juice) tasting in California
23Christmas in Disneyland
24Get married in Salt Lake Temple
25Have children
26Make a quilt
27Learn to watercolor
28Visit Jerusalem
29Buy a home
30Study Isaiah for understanding
31Study the New Testament
32Study the Old Testament
33Visit the Statue of Liberty
34Tour the White House
35Visit Polynesian Cultural Center
36Take cake decorating class
37Decorate a cake for a party
38See B.B. King live in concert
39See Eric Clapton live in concert
40See Depeche Mode live in concert
41See Andrea Bocelli live in concert
42Learn to enjoy attending the temple
43Serve in the temple
44Discover my true calling in life
45Take a pottery class
46Become debt free
47Volunteer at an animal shelter
48Be a Grandma
49Have a fully funded retirement
50Do everything on my bucket list

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