Monday, October 04, 2010

BESTeam Feature: Rae of Light

For this week's feature I am bringing you a Rae of Light.  Photography that is.

Rachel, the Rae in the Light, has always enjoyed looking at the world in different ways "finding beauty . . . most people pass by".

Rae of Light Photography offers prints, puzzles, magnets and more with very affordable pricing.  Here are a few pieces I enjoy:

A Sunny Hello, original fine art print 11 x 14 , $30

Just so cheery, what's not to love!
The Curley Gates, original fine art print, 11.14 $30

This piece brings to mind a scene (I imagine, as I don't read them) in a romance novel.

I can just see a fair maiden lifting the bottom of her full gown and running, long tresses streaming behind her, to open the gates where Fabio is waiting to embrace her, heaving bosoms and all.

Flower Shopping, Two (2) 4x6 prints $10

These two floral prints could be framed or, as Rachel suggests, used for postcards.

Gerber Babies, Original fine art print, 11x14, $30

I love that she calls them babies instead of daisies.

I noticed that I unintentionally picked a very floral theme.  There are many other styles of pictures available.  You can also order her prints in different sizes.  Many are pictured in two different frames to give you a taste of what they will look like once you frame them.

You can find Rachel:
On Etsy   
Her blog
and on Facebook

Give her a little internet love and stop on by.  Tell her the Goddess sent you!


  1. Thanks so much for the review. The description about my gates.. it cracked me up!! Thanks so much again!


  2. I love Rachel's pictures & always look forward to seeing what she posts on her blog. I'll have to check out her shop as well.

  3. I really liked 'The Curley Gates' until I read your description of it and Fabio entered the scene.

  4. Hey child of mine, you KNOW it was a good description.

  5. Such a fun and charming post featuring Rae of Light Photography! Beautiful photos, I will definitely stop into her shop to see more! ❤

  6. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Fantastic photos and post!


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