Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BESTeam Feature: Campbell Jane

I recently joined a Yahoo group called BESTeam (Best Team), a group of blogging Etsy store owners.  The point of this group is to help promote other entrepreneurial Etsy store owners by featuring one in a blog post each week.

This is my first BESTeam feature and I am happy to introduce to you Campbell Jane. 

This is one busy and talented woman.  She is a full time artist and owner of two Etsy shops. She likes to create "a colorful whimsical world of works" for both shops. 

Folk Art by Campbell Jane

This shop is where her whimsical art world lives.  Of her whimsical characters she offers angels, dancing crabs, (I really like the dancing crabs) mermaids, Jesus, and flowers to name a few. She also offers her art in many ways: unframed, on cards, on canvas, printed images of originals and the like.  This makes her art accessible to many different tastes and budgets.

 Here are a few of her pieces that I really liked.

Tiny but Mighty, 8x8 unframed print $15

Dancing in the Moonlight, original unframed 5x7 $45

Nothing but Blue Skies, original unframed 18 x 20 $400
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might, 5x7 print unframed $15

Campbell Janes Shananigans

This is her second shop. When Campbell Jane isn't painting she is "up to some other kind of crafty Shenangans!" and you never know what you will find in this shop.  I just have to like someone who is up to "crafty Shenanigans"!  Sounds like the kind of gal I could hang with.

Shenanigans has a variety of craftiness from crochet patterns and actual crocheted items, to jewelry, to original linocut prints. I had seen a term previously that I had to google  because it was on one of her items.  I learned that OOAK is One of a Kind.  Now that you have been educated here is some eye "candy" for you. (you will see what I did here)

Candy Ball Bracelet $23.  (did you see what I did!) It has handmade polymer beads in colors that are good enough to eat:  sweet blue, yummy orangey pink, and buttery yellow.
This Beret is the OOAK item.  You can buy it for $23.
Easy crochet hat pattern, $3.95

Remember that I said she is a busy lady.  In addition to her full time painting and two Etsy shops Campbell Jane has three, count them, three blogs. 

Campbell Jane's other "Happy Places" are:

Take a minute to stop on by.  And as Campbell Jane says with each item "God Bless and Thank You for stopping by!"


  1. Wow! You ARE a Goddess! Thank you so much for the wonderful feature!

  2. What a wonderful variety of items! I LOVE the cute :)

  3. I agree - the dancing crabs are adorable!

    I think I like anyone who uses the word "shenanigans" - heehee - it's such a free-spirited word!

    Great post :)


  4. Great feature; love the blog.


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