Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I'll have a side of angst with my mystery, thank you!

I get up in the mornings and hit the treadmill.  Not literally, just go there for some exercise.  I like being able to watch something on TV; it makes exercise less heinous.

Now that we have Netflix I have been watching some old series' that I never watched while they were on TV.  I am also getting a lot of ribbing from my family. I got hooked on Veronica Mars.  It is a teen show about a girl, Veronica, who's dad was Sheriff but is now a PI.  She does a lot of sleuthing with him.  While she is in High School she ends up doing a lot of sleuthing for her peers.

My family likes to tease me that I am watching a show for teenagers.  My husband asked me "didn't you have enough angst in High School?".  They don't even have to listen to it when I am on the treadmill.  My hubby rigged up a really long chord for the headphone jack and I use my headphones while I am getting sweaty.

I like dramas, mysteries, cop shows etc. I think I finally decided why I liked Veronica Mars so much, aside from the fact that I actually enjoyed the characters and story lines, it's that a show geared toward teens isn't filled with sex scenes and foul language.  I could get my dose of mystery and intrigue at a PG level.

So, I have decided that they can rib all they want.  I will keep on watching teenage shows if I enjoy them. Besides, you are only as old as you feel.  Maybe that's why I enjoy it!!

Since I finished Veronica Mars I am now watching Friday Night Lights.  It is about a small Texas town that loves nothing but High School Football.  Because they are in Texas there is a lot of prayer on this show too.  Although it is a family show it is also classified at a teen show which will make it prime for family ribbing.

Bring it on!

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  1. I LOVED Veronica Mars!! Very sad about how it ended though... wish they would have come out with at least 1 more episode to tie up the loose ends.


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