Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me and my new shoe

So after a few weeks of foot pain I finally got in to see a podiatrist and he gave me a new shoe.  I thought that was rather nice of him. Too bad for me it wasn't a very attractive shoe and doesn't match the shoe on my other foot.  It does have velcro though and that is always entertaining.

Aside from the shoe being a gift there wasn't much good news.  Yes, I have a stress fracture.  I didn't realize my foot was that stressed.  If I had known I would have taken it out for a massage or let it have some vacation time.  Not knowing my foot wasn't dealing with life very well it has now "cracked" under the pressure.

So, this is a cautionary tale for you.  Pay attention to your feet.  Give them a break (ha ha, get the pun!) or you too may end up with a new shoe.


  1. And now I'm left wondering about the huge bulge on the side of my left foot. :x

    Feel better soon, mom!

  2. I did that too and had to have a boot. I say dress it up with cloth, beads flowers etc. Go crazy and enjoy the chance it gives you to pamper yourself. Feel better soon.
    Kelli Hansen


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