Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hot Bandwidth, or, My Love Affair with the Internet

Ok, so I have a little something on the side. I am totally in love with the internet.

Being a person who uses the computer all day long, it is probably a good thing that I like it, but I have taken it to the next level. I think I would die without it.

I have been reading blogs about organization and "letting go" of stuff that we tend to amass and accumulate. So I decided to do some letting go and some getting back in return. That's right, I went to E-bay. Along with my love affair with the internet, I am also in love with all things scrapbooking, therefore, I have a plethora of rubber stamp sets.

1.overabundance; excess:

Great word hu! I just got that definition for you from - you guessed it, the internet! is a fabulous place.

Anyway, I decided to sell about 1/3 of my stamps and got busy taking pictures and listing them. Today I have been getting many of them ready to ship to their new owners. After receiving payment, over the internet, I purchased and printed shipping labels, over the internet. Since I have mailers here I have them labelled and packaged and can just drop them off at the post office without standing in line!

Amazing isn't it.

I remember when I was in school and we had to go to the library and look things up in the encyclopedia. My kids do their research at home on the internet. Up to date and convenient. None of these encyclopedias that are 15 years old and out of date.

I guess I really need to thank Al Gore for creating the internet.


  1. Al did it? And here I thought it was all about the environment.

    You're a terrific writer.

  2. ROFL!

    Maybe you can give Dad an EBay lesson or three so we can sell stuff there too.

    I have a certain wife who might be interested in some stamps.

  3. Felecia came to my scrapbook club Tuesday night. Such a cute girl! Isn't it a Small World Afterall??

  4. Hi-
    So weird how I arrived here. I followed a link to your blog from Shonnie Lavandar's "dance partner" blog post. I'm a life coach like her. My name is Felicia (is that a friend's or your daughter's name?) AND I'm a scrapbooker AND I love the internet and am ALWAYS amazed at the cool stuff that is available to us now. Anyway, enjoyed your post. Good luck on the organziation thing & getting your scrap room cleared out.

    You know, once you clear out the old, that makes room for new, positive energy and things to come into your life. Congrats for all the exciting new stuff coming your way!

    Felicia Slattery
    Transformative Journeys Life Coaching

  5. i love the word plethora - i use it all the time. :)

    yes the internet ROCKS - I was lying in bed last night thinking of all the great tech advances of the lst two decades. We really live in SUCH A great time!!!

  6. I'm an internet addict also. I know I shouldn't spend so much time on it but I just can't stop myself.

  7. vicky7:56 AM

    I am proud of you for purging! You are on your way to becoming Amish...oh except maybe the internet would be a problem :)
    See ya on Friday!


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