Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Denise has presented a challenge to TT’ers for this weeks Edition:

“I would like to challenge all Thirteeners to come up with 13 things they like about themselves.

I feel like we, as women, spend so much time scrutinizing ourselves that we sometimes forget the good stuff.”

1. I have beautiful eyes.
2. I have good hair.
3. I am a good friend.
4. I am strong and am getting stronger!
5. I am talented at many things.
6. I am a good mom and wife.
7. I have a stong testimony of Christ.
8. I am strong willed!!
9. I am dependable
10. I am a good listener.
11. I am fun and always enjoy a good laugh.
12. I am helpful.
13. I have a love of learning.

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  1. You have all the traits of an amazing person! Want to send some of your talents my way? hee,hee =)

  2. Well... boy scouts can do this one no problem honest, true, chaste... :)

    Amen to that "Strong Willed" thing BTW. LOL

    Here's my attempt at the same list, although it is Sunday. I'm a non-conformist:

    1. I have the ability to make people laugh. Is the fact that I have a difficult time wording that as "I am funny" an odd thing?
    2. I am usually pretty patient, but stress does get the better of me.
    3. I treat my wife very well, and love her and my children very much.
    4. I am a decent writer.
    5. I am a decent artist.
    6. I am a decent cartoonist.
    7. I am a decent composer.
    8. I am a decent programmer.
    9. I am a decent web designer.
    10. I am honest. <--- I was a Boy Scout he he he. I took a shower today so I am clean too.
    11. I am a hard worker.
    12. I love the Gospel.
    13. I am able to learn new things quickly.

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