Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ready, Set, Start!

I am a great starter. I LOVE to start new projects. At any given time I probably have 5 or more active projects.

There is something so exciting and energizing about starting a new project. Thinking about how fun it will be to work on and how great it will be when it is completed. Finishing a project is great too, just not as thrilling as starting one. ( I guess that all depends on the project you are doing though)

My current projects are:
  • Scrapbooking - which is an ongoing, unending, updated project. I have a scrapbook group that I get together with once a month. Fun fun!!
  • Christmas gifts that I am making for my scrapbooking group. This is my big pile of stuff. I can't show too much detail because I don't want to give away what it is!
  • My blog (wahoo!!)
  • Chemo Caps - an ongoing knitting project. I make them to donate to Cancer patients. They are cute and fuzzy and multi colored. I would wear them if I was bald!
  • Christmas gifts that I am knitting for my Nursery kids - I knitted a really cute little hedgehog. I would show you a picture but my 12 year old decided she needed to own it.
  • Afghan - I am knitting squares to put together for my hubby.
  • Stitchery class - I just ended
  • Quilting class - I am going to start in September - this is a beginning quilting class that I have signed up for at a quilt shop.
  • UFO's - Un-Finished Objects. Like this poor afghan that I started crocheting years ago. It isn't finished, but I don't like the color anymore and that makes me not want to work on it but I can't bear to tear it out. So it just sits there in it's basket, alone, unloved and unworked on.
I love to work on things while I watch T.V. or movies with my hubby. Although sometimes I am too tired while watching T.V. and I just want to sit like a slug.


  1. Where do you find the time to do it all??

    I have gotten a ton of scrapbooking done since school started though, 20 12x12 pages and a 20 page 8x8 album for Clinton. It's so nice to have quiet, alone time!

  2. Poor little reject blanket. All alone in it's little whicker basket... *sniffle*


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