Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stitchery Class

This year I have been teaching a monthly stitchery class for Enrichment. Saturday was our final class.

I taught the ladies how to add color to the fabric before doing their stitching. These are the two projects that we did. The framed stitchery was done with chalking and the pillow was done with crayon. Yep, Crayon!

To do the chalking, you take your basic scrapbook chalks and a small soft paint brush. You get the chalk on the brush and apply the chalk to the fabric. When you want to change colors, just wipe the brush on a dry towel or napkin and you are ready to go. Once you have the color how you want it, spray the fabric with a fixative designed to work with chalks. I use Krylon. Then you stitch it as normal.

For the crayon, you take your basic crayola crayons and color right on the fabric. When you are finished coloring, take your fabric to the ironing board and lay it right side up. Place a clean white piece of paper over it and press. The heat will slightly melt the coloring. You can do shading by coloring heavier in some areas or by using a second darker color. It looks really cruddy at this point, but when you get the stitching lines done, it turns out really cute.

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  1. These are super cute! any other good ideas for enrichment? i wish i would have seen that cute halloween pillow before we planned october's stuff. maybe we could do a christmas one or something. how long did it take to make?


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