Friday, August 18, 2006

It Does a Heart Good!

No warm fuzzies here, I'm talking about the step aerobics program I do in the mornings.

I know I'm a product of my previous lifestyle, but honestly - is it really fair how in shape these work out mavens are? I mean one talks through the whole thing, some have two risers on their steps and they don't even break a sweat! Meanwhile, I'm shvitzing all over the place.

"I wanna do it again, I'm having so much fun".

What workout is she doing? I'm stopping to guzzle some gatorade!

Then to make things even more fun, I'm on the floor working my abs (crunch baby!) Sophie my Pug decides to come lay on my tummy.

Next we are using the "stability ball". Sitting at an incline, holding the ball at arms length, swinging it right to left, my pug thinks I am playing a game with her and starts trying to jump on the ball.

"how about we do another eight sets"!


  1. At least she didn't mistake you for a fire hydrant. :)

  2. sharr8:50 PM

    wow! what a pretty picture of brittany!

    i was just going to say that i really admire you for your efforts.... i have done several videos and thought the same thoughts "what kind of crack is she on....." and where do i get it??!! it is hard to stick to getting in shape when there is so much around you beckoning you to do otherwise. i really admire your efforts! way to go!


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