Saturday, August 19, 2006

Getting Water from Stone

The plummer came and we now have a fix to our "lack of drain" problem.

They have fashioned a nice box/tray of sorts that the new water heater and new water softener sit in. There is a lovely little pump that will turn on if there is over 3/4" of water in there and a cute little alarm that will sound if hit by water. Sounds like a smoke detector.

When deciding on the water softener we wanted to see, just for chuckles and grins, exactly how HARD our water was. The test strip goes from 1 to 8. One being the softest and anything above a 4 being recommended for a water softener. Our water was an over achiever coming in at 7.5 or better.

It's amazing it has flowed at all!


  1. Nothing like drinking limestone

  2. Gaaaaaaah, you write too much about the house. It's... bleh. Skull starts tomorrow! Aren't you excited?!


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