Saturday, March 05, 2016

On Becoming Great

To become a disciple-leader is to “lead as Christ leads. It is leadership with a small “L” – the kind of leadership that builds and lifts and inspires through kindness and love and unselfish devotion to the Lord and His work.”[i]

I try to be this type of leader. It is my hope to truly learn to become this way.

A true leader is a person who takes others to a higher ground.
-          Jim Ritchie

One of the greatest abilities to have, in a world full of “average,” is the “ability to execute [and it] is more valuable than education or talent, because it is far rarer.” [ii]

If you want to become the kind of person who others call when something needs to get done, learn how to get the job done. Doing this, without requiring explicit step by step instructions, assembling a task force or consultants, or complaining that something “isn’t your job,” will help you become just such a person.

No matter what has happened in your life, “Make no mistake about it. You have a choiceYou can blame your parents, teachers, coaches or bosses. Or you can choose to start developing the attitudes, habits and instincts so your name will be called when success hangs in the balance.” [iii]

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but those most adaptive to change.
-          Charles Darwin

Carly Fiorina stated that the capability to ask a question and hear an answer is crucial. Customer satisfaction is a vital leading indicator of how a company is doing. Customers always know what is wrong with a company.[iv]

Innovation, the ability to take risks, and the ability to celebrate new ideas are also leading indicators. [v]

Keep learning – learn something every day.
-          Carly Fiorina

Since going back to school, I remember how much I love learning. It is my goal to always keep learning!

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