Saturday, February 06, 2016

Of Perseverance and Heroes

This week we read a talk given by President James E. Faust called Perseverance. When he was younger he wondered “What will be my place in this world, and how will I find it?” His only real goal at that time was to serve a mission. That mission eventually became "like a North Star." An important lesson he learned was: 

"If I faithfully persevered in my Church callings, the Lord would open up the way and guide me to other opportunities and blessings, even beyond my dreams."

He talked of President Hinckley who had as his theme "Carry On." Referring to carry on and endure. President Hinckley left an amazing legacy of temple building. He then quoted President George Q. Cannon who said of temples:

Every foundation stone that is laid for a Temple, and every Temple completed according to the order the Lord has revealed for his holy Priesthood, lessens the power of Satan on the earth, and increases the power of God and Godliness, moves the heavens in mighty power in our behalf, invokes and calls down upon us the blessings of the Eternal Gods, and those who reside in their presence.”

At the time, it seemed like such an undoable task, to get to 100 temples. Now we are over 140. He carried on and did amazing things with the help of God.

Jeff Sandefer of the Acton Foundation gave a speech about a Hero’s Journey. We can all be heroes if we find our true calling in life. He said:

“You have a mission on this earth that will succeed beyond your wildest dreams; IF you have the faith and courage to find your entrepreneurial calling.”

“Choosing a Hero’s Journey is to live every moment of your life like it matteredbecause it does; to live as if you have an important missionbecause you do; seeing struggles as adventures and setbacks as lessons. And like Sir Lancelot and the Holy Grail or Harry Potter and Voldemort, what matters most isn’t the prize at the end but how the Hero is changed in the process.”

In surveys of people over 60, it was found that they generally only had three questions that mattered at the end of life:

1.      Have I contributed something meaningful?
2.      Am I a good person?
3.      Who did I love and who loved me?

Contribute something meaningful by finding your calling – something that you are naturally gifted at, that brings you joy, and satisfies a deep burning need in the world.

Be a good person by creating ethical guardrails.

Remain loveable and loving by choosing your fellow travelers well. You will come to be like those who surround you.

I wonder what my place in this world is. What is my true calling in life? I look forward to finding that out.

Perseverance, James E. Faust, April 2005
A Hero's Journey, Jeff Sandefer, BYU-Idaho 

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