Thursday, December 02, 2010

Request a Tutorial

I would love to put some more tutorials on my blog. I did one in 2006, a cute little tote out of a placemat. and it still gets tons of traffic.  This tells me there are other crafty bloggers wanting to expand their crafty abilities.
So -  I am asking for your input. 

What would you like to see as a tutorial?  

Give me some ideas of what you would like to see demonstrated.

  • Visit my etsy shop.  Is there something there you would like to learn how to do?  
  • Is there a craft or project you want to make after I figure out how to do it first?
  • Have you seen something in a magazine or on a website that you want to try and make?

Leave me a comment with your tutorial wish list. 
Make sure to follow my blog so you know when your tutorial goes up!

If I use your suggestion for a tutorial I will send you a little gift of crafty goodness.  
(maybe even the thing you wanted demonstrated)

Let's get our crafty on and make some stuff!

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