Thursday, December 02, 2010

BESTeam Feature: Our Home To Yours

What could be better than buying handmade goodness from a Mother/Daughter/Daughter etsy shop?  You probably think I am talking about my Etsy store, which is a great place to shop, but this time I'm not.  I found another shop that has that same trio as ours.

You will find things to keep you warm, things to accessorize, things for weddings, home decor and more.

 Debbi (the mom) and Amanda use yarn, thread, beads, paper and paint and Alison uses any and all material she can get her hands on. (sounds like my kind of crafters!)

  Here are a few of my favorite things from "their home".

Crayon Roll, $12

For the person you know with a touch of OCD that loves crayons (and who doesn't). My 19 year old wants one!

Eternity Scarf, $20

 I love this scarf idea.  It is made in the round so their are no seams.  You loop it around your neck one, two, or three times depending on how loose you want it.

2 Rosette Headband, $10

Headbands with adorable wrapped roses.

Crocheted Tam, $10

Something for that man in your life to keep his noggin warm!  No girly colors here!!
Pink and Purple fuzzy scarf, $12

I just loved this picture. We used to wrap things around our girls faces when they were little and pretend they were flowers.  This would be a "scarf flower".

Come on over and visit this fun little shop Our Home To Yours.  You can also find them at their blog under the same name.

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  1. I definitely could have used one of those adorable scarves in Aspen! :-)


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