Friday, August 13, 2010

Where is my wagon?

Ok, so I have fallen off the diet wagon and I am trying to get back on.  I have gained a few pounds since I have been back home and unemployed even though I have been walking/jogging/doing yard work etc.

I am cooking dinner, bread, trying new recipes etc. and it has gotten tougher to follow a strict diet.  When I was working I would fix myself a lunch, usually a salad, and snacks for the day.  Now that I am fixing food for the whole family I have to make stuff everyone wants to eat.  Another problem is that my youngest LOVES to bake brownies, something I have a very hard time saying no to.

Today I tried to find my wagon and take the driver's seat again.   School starts in a couple weeks so that should cut down on the brownie baking. Hopefully I can take the wagon for a ride and control the beastie.


  1. Good luck on your diet. I'm on one too and even when you fall of, just grab some gum and get back on. My thoughts are with you.

  2. Psh, no way school's making me cut down on the brownies. That just means homework stress. Homework stress equals chocolate.


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