Sunday, June 14, 2009

The "eyes" have it!

I don't know what is worse, getting soap in your eye or an eyelash.

I experienced both in my shower. Here I am washing my face when my daughter, taking a shower in the other bathroom, did something that adjusted my water temperature. I was startled which caused me to briefly open my eye and get soap in it. I did my best to rinse it out and carried on with the business at hand which then led to shaving my legs. With both hands covered in foaming shave gel and holding a razor - I get an eyelash in the other eye. I switch between frantically blinking to get it out and keeping my eye closed so it doesn't hurt, all the while peering through one eye to finish shaving.

Finally finished with my shower I emerge only slightly damaged; my eyesight still in tact with only a few nicks from shaving.

So, if you see me with bloodshot eyes and a band aid on my leg; don't ask!

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  1. hahaha thanks! I needed a little giggle this morning! I'm glad you won't be modeling eyepatches or wooden legs next time I see you! :0)


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