Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Your name is Count what?

What is the fascination with vampires? I don't know.

I loved reading the new Twilight series and am really liking the new Moonlight series on TV. They picked a great guy to play this vampire. My daughter says he is exactly how she pictured Edward Cullen from Twilight. My hubby likes the Blade movies, although mostly for the martial arts that Wesley Snipes does.

Vampires are intriguing. The thought of being strong, agile, beautiful, and eternal. Very appealing. The whole drinking blood thing, not so much.

Here is a vampire from the past. I saw this, along with Boo Berry and Frankenberry at the grocery store. I didn't think they even sold this stuff any more. We never ate this as kids. We were Cheerios and Wheaties kids, but I remember the commercials. He is pretty goofy as vampires go. You can even dress up as Count Chocula. This is not the attractive and appealing image that I think of when reading about Edward or Carlisle though.

If you remember The Electric Company, from the 70's, there is a great vampire sketch with Morgan Freeman. Picture him in a casket full of bubble bath, holding a bath brush. He sings a song called "I love to take a bath in a casket". We watched a reunion show, with our girls, where they played it. Our girls thought it was so funny. We occasionally hear it sung in our house now.

I prefer showers. Although I do like a good soak every now and then. Mainly in the hot tub. I wouldn't like taking a bath in a coffin. I think I would be too afraid of the lid closing on me. Just a tad claustrophobic.


  1. loved Count dracula!!

    Thanks for visiting my Hubs blog!!

    Hope your having a great week!

  2. I love the Twilight books, too! I was a little embarrassed knowing that Gentry read about 'randy' Bella in Eclipse, oh well - I guess she didn't notice, it never came up and I doubt I will bring it up! Have you read Dracula - the original Bram Stoker version? I just bought it and need to find the time to dive in!! I can't wait!
    I haven't watched the Moonlight TV show - I may have to start!! I
    STILL love Count Dracula Cereal! But, he really doesn't compare to Edward now, does he!

  3. I am probably the last person left on the face of the earth that hasn't read the Twilight series. I have a couple other books waiting to be read so it will still be a bit.
    Hope to see you tomorrow night!

  4. I haven't read them. But I'd like too.

    Ahhh...Electric Company! I loved it! I would have liked to have seen that reunion special.

  5. I am Count... to 10

  6. Hi Linda...you've been tagged!

  7. I was a Chocula guy. That was back when you could eat that stuff and nobody complained about trans fats or artificial sweetener.

    You could eat raw flavored sugar out of a straw, sip syrup through a tiny wax bottle and chew 10 bubblegums at one time. Nobody said nothing.

    Those were the days.

  8. You and your vampires. Tardfaces.

  9. Count Chocula! I remember him. Do they even sell this cereal anymore? There's a vampire series? I have to find it. Thanks for the heads up.



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