Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Clapton - 'nuf said!

Thursday night our family went to see Eric Clapton in concert.

Talk about an awesome concert. Robert Cray opened up for him, playing about 40 minutes. We waited about 20 minutes for them to re-work the stage and then Clapton came on. He played for 2 hours. He did a lot of songs from his Cream days and ended with some of his bigger hits. Layla, my favorite Clapton song, was awesome! He even did an "unplugged" segment in the middle of the concert. He ended with "Cocaine" and everyone was yelling it out with him.

The guys in his band were awesome too and I thought it was really neat how he allowed each of them to get some front time and some recognition. Real talent on that stage.

Besides having a wonderful time with the concert, we had a great "anti-drinking" learning experience for our girls. The beer was flowing that night. The guy behind us was drunk before the concert even started. At one point in the concert he wanted to start stomping his feet, so he went out to the stairs (we were aisle seats) folded his hands out in front of himself and started doing that Russian sort of kicking dance. His poor girlfriend was so embarrassed the whole night.

There was a girl the next section over and a couple of rows down basically having her own little rave. During "Wonderful Tonight" she looked like she was going for the "big-O".

Since beer was flowing, it was being spilled a little, and being drunk all around us. My girls, who aren't used to it, were getting a little nauseous from the overabundance of beer aroma. I happened to have a purse sized Shalimar and spritzed a little on them to smell. After I spritzed them I said "remember this when someone tries to get you to drink!"

The people sitting next to us on the row, two couples in their 40's and 50's were having a grand old time too. They went for beer refills several times during the concert. During the last two songs one of the guys was up, just dancin' and swingin' his arms. He turned and looked at those of us who happened to be sitting and yelled "What's wrong with you people!" My family all thought "We aren't drunk!"

Anyway, a good time was had by all (some a little more than others) and we were able to expose our girls to some great music, some different experiences and had a fun family outing.


  1. Oh lucky you.
    Mu Hubby has an autogrpahed copy of Robert cray's LP and sw both of them together in the late 80s. I am sure i have seen Robert Cray at a lter date but we do not seem to be able to agree!!!
    Anyway I am jealous.

  2. Of course I am NOT really a teacher and I CAN really spell but it is only my insane jealousy that has stopped the brain to finger co -operation to work!

  3. How cool! I'd love to see Clapton in concert. Lucky you.

  4. I had a leather jacket ruined at the Moody Blues concert because some moron spilled their beer

  5. Was one of those guys Derek Trucks? (Long blond haired guitarist).

    If so, it pays to see his band when they come to town. As amazing a concert experience as you'll find.

    I'm waiting for him to get done with Clapton and come here with his band!

  6. WOW, Clapton is the BEST.
    Beer at concerts? Thats not allowed here!

    Take care

  7. I went to a Cure concert once and got my first whiff of Marijuana from the guy sitting next to me. Concerts can be a great education, huh?!? Glad you had fun!

  8. I found your link on TT and thought I would stop by. Great post about the concert. I really enjoy crafts and I can knit. I never understood scrapbooking. I have boxes and boxes of photos to place in albums. This means hurry out of boxes and into albums. No time for prettying it up. I will do that in 10 years when I have all the photos sorted :-)

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  10. You are officially a blogging slacker!

  11. Have you officially stopped blogging?

  12. If I come here only to read about Eric Clapton AGAIN one more time, I will take away your privileges. I don't know which ones yet, but I'll think of something.

  13. I have so many songs from Eric Clapton and always like to hear it.


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