Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Change - the only thing that stays the same.

Well, it has been a while since my last post. First off, thanks to everyone who contacted me to see if I was still alive.

Needless to say, the past two months have been busy.

In December I learned that my part-time-work-from-home job was going to transition to full-time at the office 1 hour away. I said thanks but no thanks. So at the beginning of January, I started sending out resumes to see what was out there. My forte is Administrative Assisting. So it is amazing, and a bit funny to me, that the job I started last Monday has nothing to do with that. I am learning how to do A/P and Payroll.

Now, I have no experience in accounting. I mentioned that in both interviews and on the phone setting appointments for the interviews. I actually applied for a posting of Administrative Assistant/Auditor for the accounting department. I learned that during my second interview, with the VP of Finance (whom I would be working with), he decided that I would get bored with that job and he wanted me to take the A/P Payroll job that they hadn't posted for a replacement yet. I guess that my Goddess-ness shone through enough to make them want me anyway. So, I have three weeks with the gal I am replacing to learn everything I need to know how to do.

My head is so full of new information it is really amazing. (thank heavens for Excedrine!) I am pretty comfortable with everything I learned last week, which is good, because payroll starts now. That is the big stressful part. Fortunately she will be there through two payroll's to help me out. Yeah!!

Anyway, I hope that things will settle down enough that I will be back permanently and be able to visit all my bloggy buddies - because you have been missed!

Think happy payroll thoughts for me!


  1. Good to see you're back and posting. I was getting tired of that "blogger beta" deal. :)

  2. Lemme guess...you didn't want to be on I-15, going past PG during rush hour?

    Yup, I don't blame ya.

  3. Yay! You're back! I hope your new job is going great!

    BTW...the mail lady just brought the package for Dave.

  4. Isn't it just AMAZING the twists and turns that life takes? I mean, I've gone from being a receptionist/communications clerk, to being a sheetmetal worker ... to being a substitute school teacher... to being a fitness technician. When I graduated I never would have thought I would hold THREE of these jobs! But... REAL life works like that! Congratulations on your NEW career! I bet you'll be wonderful! And something *new* just may put a "spring" in your step!

  5. Great to hear you have a new job... with RESPONSIBILITIES!! Makes you feel like you're important, don't it?

  6. Glad you got a new job. Come back soon

  7. So happy to see you're back. Good luck with the new job!

  8. Hey there, stranger! So good to see you back!

    Good luck with the job! ;)

  9. Congratulations on your new job!

    Let us know how you're doing!

  10. Glad your back!! I hope your job goes well. Congrats on that.

  11. congrats on the new job! as an accountant-type, i can say that i think you'll love it - but then, as an accountant-type, i find i'm a bit odd to many people. lol! i hope it's a great job for you! be sure to keep us posted.

  12. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Oh, I understand that new work thing... I've been going through it for four months now! You say that administrative is your forte; were you doing that from home? Man, I would love a gig like that!

    My T13 is up - a rant about the snowstorm and three snow days from school. If I worked from home, that would mess me over. But it is fun to have my girl home!

  13. So how's the new job going?

  14. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Hi Goddess! I think you'd get a kick out of www.marksdailyapple.com.

    Glad you're back.

  15. Anonymous4:36 PM

    You're funny. I'm glad I found this. Of course all this pink doesn't hurt. Hope the new job is going well. Somehow I get the feeling it would be the type of thing you'd excel at doing...making sure the decimal point is in the right place and accounts balance to the penny.


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