Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Foreshadowing and Preparation for Eternity

We are currently focussing on the fourth and fifth paragraphs of the Proclamation and studying the Law of Chastity and the Sanctity of Life. We heard a talk given by Elder and Sister Bednar which brought a whole new dimension to marital intimacy and the procreative powers.

“How we feel about and use that sacred power in this life, in large measure, will determine whether additional creative power will be ours in the life to come.”

And then:

“. . . intimacy in mortality should be a grand expression of the love and deep commitment an individual has for his or her spouse, an outward expression of the inner desire to become one, and the ultimate expression of our divine nature and potential.”

It is a foreshadowing of and a preparation for eternity and what we will be there. We can begin to become in mortality what we will be in eternity.” 

*Mind somewhat blown*

This is such an interesting concept. I have never equated our feelings and use of intimacy and procreative power to be a foreshadowing and preparation and ultimately a determining factor of our creative power in the eternities.

 David A. Bednar and Susan K. Bednar, “Moral Purity,” 2003 BYU-Idaho Devotional address)

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