Saturday, January 23, 2016

Of Honesty and Business Ethics

This week we were discussing Honesty and Business Ethics. We read a speech given by Elder Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy titled Making a Living and a Life. I read this in a previous class and it made a huge impact on me. Elder Robbins discusses the types of businesses we should aim for and the type of employee we should strive to be. These were rated on a scale from A to F. 

Primary Motivation
Secondary Motivation
 Love of God and fellowmen
Income  $
 Money  $
Love of fellowmen
 Love of money  $
Indifferent to customers
 Filthy Lucre   $
Harmful to customers
 Filthy Lucre
Harmful to customers and to society, nations destroyed.

Satan uses money and wealth as a powerful way to tempt us to believe that “this world is our destiny and that anything and everything in this world is available for money.” We were sent to this earth to work and make a living, not just to survive, but thrive, and to see if we would be honest among our fellowmen.

Satan quickly recognized the work environment as a strategic setting to stir up all manner of sin, including covetousness, jealousies, self-indulgence, living beyond one’s means, anger, contention in marriages, infidelity, greed and envy, selfishness, even theft and murder.

One of his examples was the difference between George Bailey and Mr. Potter in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. One was working for the love of his fellowmen; one was working for the love of money.

I am a loyal employee; sometimes loyal to a fault. One thing I have learned so far in this course is that it is OK to move on. There are times when you have to move on because the opportunity for growth, learning, and advancement is gone. I am at that point. I need to move on because I am stagnating where I am. My goal is to seek for Grade A company to work for where I can learn and grow and get on my way to becoming what my Father in Heaven wants me to be.


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