Saturday, March 12, 2011

Me and my Treadmill

So I am sitting here after spending 45 min. on my treadmill.  My legs have tiny explosions throughout as my muscles relax from the effort.  I kind of have a love/hate relationship with my treadmill.  I enjoy walking and want to work up to running but the process of getting there kind of sucks.  I have never been a runner and running with a 40 something year old bladder and the added weight isn't much fun. The reason I want to work up to running?  You can get a higher calorie burn in a faster amount of time than with walking.   Fortunately my treadmill is in the family room with the TV.  My hubby hooked up a long cord for my ear buds so I can listen to a show on my DVR or a movie on Netflix without bothering the rest of the family.

I have started back on my weight loss journey after taking a break for many months.  (broken foot, holidays, sinus infection for 3 months and 4 antibiotics, antibiotic induced tendonitis)  Anyhoo, it always amazes me how fast you can lose fitness when you don't exercise. 

I also started using my Spark People tracking for my nutrition/fitness/weight loss.  I absolutely hate counting calories and this is the place I have found that makes it easiest for me.  It comes with reports that you can view in graphs or pie charts that show your progress.  ooohhh, pictures!

I had to put in my weight and measurements in when I started tracking and imagine my dismay when the little arrow went the wrong way.  I have gained weight since I was doing this about a year ago.  It is frustrating when you realize you are the kind of person who can't trust yourself with unconscious eating.  As much as I hate calorie counting I am beginning to realize that it is something I will have to do for for the rest of my life if I want to get my weight down to where I want it and then maintain it.

It is kind of like marriage after dating.  You don't just say, oooh, now I'm married, I don't have to work on it any more.  You can't just lose the weight and think you don't have to work on it any more. 

So here I go, starting up a process that I have started many times before, hoping this time I will stick with it and do it right!


  1. Help meeeeeee. :( I am a fat.

  2. I don't love dieting... or exercising. BUT... I hate that I have to do BOTH. I just started jogging - I'm going to try a 5K in June. I don't want to 'win' - I just want to finish without having a stroke/heart attack!
    You are awesome!! Losing weight is HARD!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the Spark People link. I already checked it out! And good for you for being so proactive. I am a "Lifer" on Weight Watchers and have been learning their new program since it changed while I was on maternity leave. I am having a much harder time disciplining myself after having Emerson. I like a sweet treat to reward myself for surviving work and that long run on the treadmill! :)


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