Sunday, July 05, 2009

School Daze.

Did you have a favorite subject in school? One you dreaded?

School and I got along fine. I was a good student, the teachers liked me, I liked most of them. I think my favorite classes were English/Reading/Literature classes. It took me a while to realize this though. When I graduated from High School my plan was to go to school for Interior Design. Now that I am older when I think of going back to school I want to study English with an art minor.

I had a lot of other classes that I enjoyed. I took French for two years. I loved my co-ed P.E. class, which says a lot for me because I am not Mrs. Sports. I had a Needle Arts class in which we did all sorts of hand-work crafty type stuff. Right up my alley.

Sometimes I have dreams that I am back in High School and I am going to my French class, but in my dream I am failing it. I am so afraid that I am not going to graduate because of it. Graduation was held in the Marriott Center because we had a class of 400+. At graduation time they used to put a big map of the seating chart up on the window of the main office. You would see everyone's names and where they were seated. If someone wasn't graduating they would have a big X through that seat. Can you imagine something like that happening today? Anyway, my seat was X'd out in this dream because I was failing French class.

I don't know where this comes from. I did pass that class and did graduate from High School. Isn't it weird how 20 some-odd years after High School I would have dreams like that.

I never have the dream where I show up at school not wearing anything though, thank heavens. Those who know and love me know that I am too much of a non-nudist. I like my jammies too much.

So, what bad dreams do you have about High School?


  1. wow...I have missed all your blog posts. I had given up on you ever updating!!! YEAH, welcome back. My only dreams about high school involve an old boyfriend! LOL yikes...did I just say that? I won't tell which one! :)

  2. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Rawr. I want to learn French and take needle arts classes.

  3. Linda, I had no idea you are a blogger! Thanks for sharing your link. I love it!

  4. My worst dream about high school is not being able to get into my locker and forgetting how to get to my classes. While not wearing shoes. This, sadly, is based on distorted reality, since I often got lost in the first high school I went to (bigger than where I graduate from) when I first started there, and would sometimes get so flustered trying to get to my bus at the end of the day that I'd forget my locker combination. Arg.


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