Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gone Gone Gone I Been Gone So Long

You know, my last post was on Thursday, only five days ago, but it seems like a really long time.

December is a really crazy busy time for me. Let alone the whole holiday spirit, shopping and decorating thing, I have a part time job and after that help my brother Cheez with his on-line mall processing orders (the bedwarmers are divine by the way!) . Yes, if you place an order, I am the lovely assistant handling your order.

So anyway, being a retail business, this is a crazy time of year. If you notice my posts being reduced and my visits to my bloggy friends lacking, it isn't because I don't want to be there, I am probably just pulling out my hair over some order problem or am comatose in front of the TV late at night because I can't think any more.

I remember growing up when it was the day after Thanksgiving and I was chomping at the bit to put up Christmas decorations. I would do the decorating and could never understand why my parents weren't as excited as I was to get going on it!

When I got married and had my own home to decorate, I was very particular about my decorations. My kids didn't like "my tree". It is all silver and white, not full of color as they would have it. It was my tree, I was going to decorate it the way I wanted and don't touch it because I will do it! Dang it! I told them that when we finished our family room I would buy a second tree and it would be theirs to decorate. And decorate they did. Talk about decorations! Full of color, home made ornaments, most of them made at school. It was a great tree.

Lately though, I haven't been as excited to decorate. I have been so busy that it has been one of the last things on my mind to take care of. I want the decorations up but the whole process of getting them there seemed like a chore.

A few years ago the girls put up their tree and I didn't put my tree up in the front room. This year, however, the girls put up MY tree while my hubby and I were out shopping. And you know what, I think it is fabulous. It isn't decorated exactly the way I do it, but it is up and it looks great. A few years ago I probably would have "redone" some of the decorating. At this point in my life, though, I realize that there are just some things that are not so important.

I now know why my parents didn't chomp at the bit to decorate. They were just too darn busy! Perspective is a wonderful thing.


  1. Oh....I wish I had a couple of girls. I am the solo decorator in this house. It is exhausting.

    I tried to get them to move the progressive dinner thing. They said they couldn't do it very easy because they would have to call everyone in the ward. So...it's still going to be here. I'm not excited. And, my house is a disaster area. And...mostly, I'm the solo cleaner too.

  2. I know what you mean. I really don't care to lug everything out of storage and spend hours decorating. It's even worse when it's time to take everything down! But I do it for the kids. Happy Holidays!

  3. We put up our tree Thanksgiving weekend. I would have held out longer if Drama Queen hadn't been driving me cra-zee about getting it done. Since that day, all of the boxes that are full of decorations for the rest of the house are sitting in our master bedroom. Me thinks they won't get put up this year. I'm just too tired to deal with putting them up and then turning around and taking them down. I'll have to dig out the stockings eventually, but that's going to be IT.

  4. What? I'm supposed to decorate? Oh, sh...

  5. aint it great when the kiddies come thru?

  6. Ah, I can't wait until the kids are old enough to help with Christmas decorating! :) Michael's still clueless about the holiday at 3 years old (he's also autistic), and this will be Christina's first (we're pretty excited about that!)

  7. I was always the lackey that got mom and dad's decorations out of the loft in the garage every year.

    Everything was covered in garbage bags to protect them from the plentiful dust.

    We had a basic butt-load of decorations, and I learned quickly to despise Christmas decorating. I still don't enjoy it very much.

    I did, however, like the sleigh on the mantle with the plastic Rudolph and his red blinky nose. That and those elves with pipe-cleaner arms and legs. I made them do the strangest things.

    Oh and that really old nativity set that Chris ended up with.


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