Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Change - the only thing that stays the same.

Well, it has been a while since my last post. First off, thanks to everyone who contacted me to see if I was still alive.

Needless to say, the past two months have been busy.

In December I learned that my part-time-work-from-home job was going to transition to full-time at the office 1 hour away. I said thanks but no thanks. So at the beginning of January, I started sending out resumes to see what was out there. My forte is Administrative Assisting. So it is amazing, and a bit funny to me, that the job I started last Monday has nothing to do with that. I am learning how to do A/P and Payroll.

Now, I have no experience in accounting. I mentioned that in both interviews and on the phone setting appointments for the interviews. I actually applied for a posting of Administrative Assistant/Auditor for the accounting department. I learned that during my second interview, with the VP of Finance (whom I would be working with), he decided that I would get bored with that job and he wanted me to take the A/P Payroll job that they hadn't posted for a replacement yet. I guess that my Goddess-ness shone through enough to make them want me anyway. So, I have three weeks with the gal I am replacing to learn everything I need to know how to do.

My head is so full of new information it is really amazing. (thank heavens for Excedrine!) I am pretty comfortable with everything I learned last week, which is good, because payroll starts now. That is the big stressful part. Fortunately she will be there through two payroll's to help me out. Yeah!!

Anyway, I hope that things will settle down enough that I will be back permanently and be able to visit all my bloggy buddies - because you have been missed!

Think happy payroll thoughts for me!